Ordering devices and software fully-integrated with your POS system

Sir Steward can improve efficiency for all types of businesses, from restaurants and bars to hotels and retail sector businesses. Sir Steward also comes with complete technical support and 24/7 customer service.


3 main benefits with our self-ordering solution


Give your customers the best experience

A couple is celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. They both slowly browse your menu on the table ordering tablets. They are really enjoying the moment.

A busy entrepreneur wants to grab lunch between 2 meetings. He places his order with the mobile app on his phone. It’s ready by the time he arrives.

Sir Steward is all about offering a made-to-measure experience. It's within your reach.


Be more efficient to serve more in less time

The waitress is taking orders with a tablet. Because your inventory is connected to the software, she knows that the last piece of chocolate cake was sold 5 minutes ago. She doesn't propose it to the customers. Once the orders are taken, they are sent to the kitchen with one click.

Your cook prepares the food as indicated on the tracking screen for your customers to see. When it’s ready, the order number appears on the screen.

Having a self-service ordering system helps improve your efficiency and profitability.


Increase the average invoice per customer

Customers are used to saying no when asked if they want extras. What if they weren't self-conscious about the opinions of other customers?

A self-service kiosk, tablet or application could increase your customers' average invoice by 20%. But hey, don't trust us. Trust the Harvard Business Review.