The benefits of a self-service system for managers

You are more efficient (and sell more in less time)

With the same staff and facilities.

Sir Steward knows that being more efficient is the key to success. Let him help you with your day-to-day operations by speeding up your service and managing your inventory. As a bonus, the whole self-service system is very affordable. That definitely seems worthwhile!


You centralize everything (really)

  • Access your inventory for all locations from any device
  • Easily change your menu, prices and promotions for all locations in seconds
  • Gather all location suppliers in one system
  • Centralize orders coming from any device
  • Plan orders and production for a just-in-time inventory strategy
  • Connect all your devices and software together

With your inventory synchronizing bi-directly to your POS and self-ordering devices and software, the almost out-of-order polka dot t-shirt is removed automatically from your product listing. No disappointments and no wasted time while managing the situation.

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The benefits of a self-service system for customers

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They get better service

Your customers have all the options before their eyes. If you have a furniture store and they ask you which chairs would fit with their new table, just show them on your tablet. Customers can also track their orders in real time with the mobile app.

They save time placing and receiving orders

With a self-service ordering system, you show that you value your customers' time: reduced line-ups, faster service and online ordering encourage even the busy ones to grab a quick meal in your restaurant.

They are sure to get what they want

Reduce the risk of errors by letting your customers choose their meals, furniture, clothes or rooms the way they want it, when they want it.