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Stay healthy, the autonomous robot for disinfection is coming!

Are you expecting an important package? The smart locker sends you an email or SMS notification as soon as the deliverer drops it in your parcel locker, that only you know the code to unlock it. The delivery locker is ideal for safe drug delivery and mail management in:

Hospitals · Hotels · Waiting rooms · Corridors · And more!

The benefits of UVC disinfection robot for managers

Your employees take care of essential tasks while the robot disinfects surfaces

Disinfection robots help your employees:

  • Reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus and bacteria
  • Focus on essential tasks
  • Disinfect 99.99% of COVID-19 contaminated surfaces without human intervention
  • Protect the health of your team
  • Be a leader regarding health and safety at work
  • Remedy work force shortage issues that endanger the health of your workers, patients or visitors

Sir Steward knows that the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria is a major public health issue. Let the disinfection robot decontaminate surfaces to reduce the risk of virus transmission, instead of your employees. In addition, the disinfection robot can change jobs himself to become a delivery robot when its sanitizing tasks are completed.

Disinfection robot for hospitals, grocery stores, warehouses, factories and other operating with UVC rays

Your precious help against coronavirus: the disinfection robot

  • Cooperation with your employees to reduce the risk of spreading the virus
  • Quickly at work in your environment without adding sensors, rails or other devices
  • 99.99% surface disinfection with high-performance UVC rays
  • Maximizes your employees' efforts and time
  • Robot completely autonomous in its movements, even in elevators
  • Robot recharging himself without human intervention
  • Robot able of changing its own body to become a merchandise delivery robot

Protect the health of your staff, customers, patients and visitors by letting the disinfection robot accurately decontaminate your environment from viruses and bacteria. The robot is entirely dedicated to disinfecting with regularity without you having to intervene. While he is taking care of reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 or other viruses, your staff can take care of other essential tasks.

Disinfection robot for hospitals, grocery stores, warehouses, factories and other operating with UVC rays
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The benefits of a UVC disinfection robot in your field

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Disinfection robot for hospitals

While nurses, doctors and specialists take care of the well-being and care of your patients, the disinfecting robot uses its UVC beam system to disinfect 99.99% of the surfaces in the hospital.

Disinfection robot for grocery stores

The robot disinfects the surfaces and aisles of your grocery store while your employees focus on customer service and fill the shelves.

Disinfection robot for warehouses and factories

While a robot disinfects surfaces from all traces of viruses, your employees continue to prepare orders and keep your production line running.