Classy tablets as your room booklets

Room booklets are an opportunity to improve your customers' experience, sell more, propose deals and display advertising, yet they aren't always up to date.

Self-ordering tablets are easy to update from your self-service software. Combine all your services and as well as those of your partners: hotel restaurant menus, partner discounts, pay-per-view movies, deals, tourism activities and more.

Plus, you will stand out from other hotels with your modern touch and enhanced convenience.


Self-service kiosks as brochure supports

The well-known entry brochure stand with all kinds of tourism brochures could be replaced by a space-saving, easily manageable self-service kiosk. Updates would be done in minutes. It would look great.

You could directly display your partners and advertising on it. For example, your customers would know that they could get a 10% discount at the store next door with a one night stay at your hotel.

They could select the activities they're interested in and print the list. Or pay directly on the self-service kiosk. They choose!