Warehouse and office robot with shelves

Move products with an autonomous mobile robot

Your warehouse is big, very big. Your employees spend a lot of time walking with goods to bring them from storage to the shipping area. What if a robot took care of all that? That's exactly what the warehouse robot can do for you!

While your employees perform concrete tasks requiring specific expertise and concentration, the autonomous mobile robot takes care of moving goods by himself.

Autonomous mobile robot, coffee and mobile mail distributor

Receive coffee and mail without moving

A day starts well with a good cup of coffee! The autonomous mobile robot will take care of it and even go meet your employees to offer them one. Full-bodied, velvety coffee or milk? No problem. We can also install an ordering tablet on the robot.

In the afternoon, the robot himself changes configuration and handles the delivery of mail to the right people. Your employees are therefore more productive in tasks that require greater concentration and concrete skills.