Robot for hospital delivering and collecting laundry to help maintenance staff

Use the robot to help your maintenance staff

Every day, your housekeeping and cleaning staff spend a lot of time moving between patient rooms and the laundry area: either to get clean bedding or to bring used bedding for laundering. Imagine for a moment that it is a robot taking care of all this moving about! As a result, your employees spend more time cleaning and preparing rooms for future patients, and they run less, avoiding many trips to the laundry room. By using our hospital delivery robots, you have guaranteed savings and protect the health of your employees!

Robot deliver the drugs in a hospital

Let your robot deliver the drugs

Every day, several of your staff must go to the hospital pharmacy to pick up the drugs for their patients. While on the move, they cannot provide patient care. By using the medication delivery robot, your team has more time to spend with patients who need it. The robot is completely autonomous. He can take the elevator alone without any problem and bring the drugs to the right person in the right place.