24/7 technical support

Any problems with your self-service kiosk or software? We're here to help. Call us anytime for quick technical support.

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How we integrate your new self-service solution


We assess your existing equipment

Our strength at Sir Steward is that we don't want you to start over with new equipment: We want you to connect, improve and modify what you already own. This is the key to a profitable investment. If you don't have basic tools such as an ordering application or a point-of-sale software system, we will create one for you.

Having trouble getting financial help? Our partner financial institution can help with your project, just ask us.


We create your application, POS and back office application

Do you want to offer delivery on your ordering software? What about take-out orders? If all you need is software, we can do everything remotely. If you need a self-service kiosk, we can design it however you want (shape, size, screens, etc.).


We complete and launch your ordering software

All that’s left is to gather your information: products, prices, combinations, special offers, images and everything to complete your software. Once it’s all added to your software, all your locations update simultaneously. This also applies to your day-to-day product management.

Our installation is quick and your operations aren't interrupted. We also give you a 3-hour training session on the tool, but it's so simple you likely won’t need that much time.