Self-Service kiosks

Innovating for more than 20 years

Most companies say they innovate. But do they really? For Sir Steward, it’s not all smoke and mirrors, they truly innovate by connecting, updating and modifying their clients’ old equipment.

The two owners have more than 20 years’ experience in programming, product development and innovation. They are more than talented at seeing how you can take advantage of what you already have.


The dedicated people behind Sir Steward

Our state-of-the-art software and devices are well managed by an expert team of programmers, product development specialists, technicians and advisers. Think of them as Sir Steward's own assistants!

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Our mission, vision and values

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Our mission: Increase our clients' profit

Have you ever seen an organization with such a great mission?

Our vision: Keep finding out-of-the-box solutions

We have a problem. We like racking our brains. We don't try to update your equipment with standard solutions. We try to find a way nobody thought about and do it. You really stand out thanks to us (good thing that's our mission).

Our values: Altruism, collaboration and curiosity

We really want our solution to simplify clients' lives and increase their self-confidence. By entrusting some easy tasks to the machine, people can focus on what they really like about their jobs. As a bonus, they achieve more in less time, which is very rewarding.

Proud member of the following Associations

REAI - Regroupement des entreprises en automatisation industrielleSTIQ - Maillage industrielMMCQ - Manufacturier Mauricie et Centre-du-QuébecCCMM - The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan MontrealARQ - Association restauration QuébecCQI - Carrefour Québec internationalAHQ - Association hôtellerie québecADRIQ - Association développement recherche innovation québec