Self-ordering devices

I'm thinking about integrating a self-service system. Where do I start?

See first how we proceed with Sir Steward's integration into your business. We also explain how Sir Steward works here. If you want to directly talk about your project with us, here is our contact information and form.

Is Sir Steward expensive?

Not all all! In fact, we have the best deals in the industry. See some price range comparisons here.

Will I have to replace my existing equipment and POS software?

No, we connect our devices and software to your existing installations. If needed, we modify, replace or update them according to your needs.

How do I know if Sir Steward is the right self-service system for me?

We added some business cases whether you own a hotel, a restaurant or are in a retail sector. But really, it fits every business! Contact us to learn what we could do for you.

What are the software and systems compatible with Sir Steward?

We can connect with almost any hardware, software and payment provider.

The human touch is a great part of my business. Is this system going to replace my team?

Sir Steward is designed to guide and assist your team, not replace it. The whole self-service system greatly improves customer experience as well as staff efficiency. Plus, customers can choose whether or not they want to use the kiosk, so the busy ones can grab and go while others can savour their meal.

What about technical problems? I'm not very tech-savvy

Don't worry, we have a 24/7 technical support team to help you. But this is really simple and you will hardly ever need us.

I have a very specific brand chart to follow with my business. Is Sir Steward adaptable?

Yes, our self-service kiosk is entirely customizable. You can choose its size, shape, interface, purchase process and more to blend with your business.

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Collaborative mobile robot

Are robots safe for my staff and customers?

Sure! Our collaborative mobile robots are completely safe. They are equipped with accurate sensors that detect an immobile or moving people the slightest obstacle. Robots can adjust their route at any time to avoid interfering with your staff or disturbing your customers.

Is a delivery robot expensive?

Not at all! Depending on your usage and needs, your robot can cost as little as $45/day. See our example which describes the savings you can make on the move or check out our pricing based on possible configurations.

I'm not very tech-savvy, are the robots difficult to use?

Don't worry, our robots are very easy to use and they are completely autonomous. You will not have to take care of him, he does almost everything alone! If needed, we have a 24/7 technical support team to help you.

The human touch is very important to me. Will the robots replace my team?

Sir Steward collaborative mobile robots are designed to help and support your existing team, not to replace it. They allow your team to focus on customer service and tasks requiring more concentration and skills. They also allow you to remedy to work force shortage when you need it.

Do I have to buy accessories such as rails or sensors for the robot to work in my business?

No. Since the robot is autonomous, he does not need guiding rails or sensors installed at different locations to guide him. We only have to determine with you the places where the robot can and cannot go, then map these places in his system so that he is completely autonomous in his navigation.

If I change the furniture of my office or my warehouse, do I have to change my robot?

No. For minor configuration changes, the robot is completely autonomous and you don’t have to worry. He is equipped with sensors and a 265-degree scanner to detect obstacles and see his path. If a shelf or desk changes position, the robot will detect it and change its path to get to the place he needs to accomplish the task.

Should I take care of recharging the robot battery myself?

No. Your robot is completely autonomous. He knows the charge level of his battery and he will charge himself when he needs it.

What happens if the robot has to take an elevator?

With the addition of our Wi-Fi control panel that can be installed in almost any elevator model, the robot uses the elevator just like a human being. He communicates through your Wi-Fi network with the new control panel to enter and exit the elevator at the right time while making sure not to block the space for other users.

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