Autonomous robot helpers: safe and productive

Our collaborative robots are super safe for working with humans. Their precise sensors detect immobile and moving people and obstacles, so robots can change their route without interfering with employees' work. As soon as the robots are installed in your business, we configure their action areas and we can easily define the places where the robots have or don’t have access. They are equipped with a precise navigation system and can be used even in areas where they must take the elevator, and can do so completely independently.

Sir Steward: mobile collaborative robot, unit with shelves

Our collaborative robot partner

Omron is an ideal partner for manufacturing our automated delivery robots. It is a global company present in various technological sectors including manufacturing high-quality electronic components. It offers an easy-to-use technology, develops the artificial intelligence of our robots and supplies its basic mechanics. We then create the robot body adapted to your needs. Omron allows us to offer and quickly integrate automated robots into your business thanks to its many offices across Canada and all around the world.

The 3 main benefits of our collaborative robots


You continue your work while we train your robot

You have tight production times and don’t have much time to integrate new ways of doing things. No problem. Your automated robot is ready for duty in 1 to 5 days depending on the type of robot and the tasks you want to assign.

Sir Steward robots adapt to your needs and your reality. They integrate quickly with your environment and do what you ask them.


You are more efficient without having to take care of him

Your employees often walk through the warehouse to move goods or prepare orders. What if the robot handled it? He’s completely autonomous: no sensors, detectors or rails needed. The robot moves freely and autonomously. He also takes care of recharging his own battery.

Your employees have more time to do tasks that require greater expertise.


Your robot is compatible with your self-service kiosk

Your customers may hesitate to call room service for a pencil, paper or other extra item for fear of judgment. By combining your self-service kiosk with a robot, you have the best possible solution.

Your customer orders what they want on a kiosk, tablet or self-service ordering app. The robot picks up the goods at the right place and brings them to your customer at the right time. It's simple, fast and effective.