The benefits of automated robot butlers for managers

Your employees are more efficient and do more value-added tasks

Delivery robots support your employees in their work.

  • Allow your employees to focus on customer service tasks
  • Reduce the risk of employee injury by leaving physical and repetitive tasks to robots 
  • Avoid the worries of new processes as robots adjust instantly
  • Remedy the intermittent work force shortage
  • Improve the consistency and speed of repetitive tasks
  • Improve the tracking of goods

Sir Steward knows that moving about within a company is common: imagine if the delivery robot was taking care of it! Employees would have more time to perform complex tasks. In addition, the delivery robot costs a fraction of the cost of employees' salaries. Your investment becomes cost-effective from the first day!

For example:

  • 5 employees with an average salary of $25/h each
  • 30 minutes of moving goods per day for each employee for a total of 2 hours 30 minutes in moving

Each day costs you $62.50 in payroll for moving goods. Considering that a robot who handles all the moving costs you $45 a day, you save $17.50/day or $87.50 per 5-day week when the robot is working. And since the robot can work 24 hours a day, you could also give it surveillance tasks like those of a night security guard!

Set of 3 robots : Sir Steward delivery robot, robot butler and robot servant

You have a major ally: the delivery robot

  • Collaboration with your employees without interfering with their work
  • Easy integration into any environment without the need to add sensors, rails or other elements
  • Quick and concrete results
  • Savings by maximizing the work of your human talent
  • Fully autonomous robot that recharges itself
  • Robot that can autonomously change its body to perform various tasks throughout the day
  • Synchronization possible with your self-service ordering system

Reduce wait times for your customers when they make a request. The robot butler is fully dedicated to the tasks assigned to him with flawless regularity. And while taking care of all the physical and repetitive tasks, your employees focus on offering services to your customers.

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The benefits of a delivery robot in your field

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Robot butler for hotels

Does your client need a pencil, extra pillow or new towels? The robot brings him as soon as the request is made or when your customer wants it. He can also take the bedding to the laundry room when your employees clean the rooms.

Delivery robot for hospitals

In the morning, the robot can guide doctors, anesthetists and other specialists from another hospital to the right operating room. In the afternoon, he can change jobs and take samples to the right place or transport bedding rooms.

Delivery robot warehouses and offices

While one robot delivers mail to your employees, another can bring coffees or move the goods to your warehouse so that your employees focus on tasks requiring more expertise.