A comprehensive self-service solution for restaurant chains

The possibilities are endless for your restaurants: Sir Steward is the easiest way to manage them all in one place! Because it is completely integrated with your POS software, you can change your menu, display promotions, update the mobile app, manage your inventory and more with one click from any device.

You can equip tables with ordering tablets or give them to your waiters and waitresses to help them take orders quickly. If you own a fast-food restaurant, the self-service kiosk is ideal to reduce line-ups, speed up service and propose extras.

Right from the device, the order is sent to the cook who indicates he's about to prepare the food by displaying it on the tracking screen above the counter.

You may also offer your customers the opportunity to order online with our user-friendly mobile app. And avoid those calls about the delivery guy being late: add a tracking system to your delivery car. We can truly adapt our solutions to your business!


A time saving self-service system for bars

We know that the beers or appetizers you offer change slightly from one month to the next. Your paper menu can't be adapted that often. Display your menu on table ordering tablets and change it easily for all locations from any device. Also, you won't miss any opportunities to sell more by letting your customers order nachos or beers right from their seats.

Do you offer live performances and shows at your bar? Show your program on tabletop tablets or mention that customers may download the mobile application.

All of this saves your staff time by reducing the number of times they need to ask if everything is OK.


Ordering solution for pool rooms, bowling alleys and other entertainment businesses

Simply create deals and promotions on your software and then project them on screens to your customers. It's a proven fact that the average invoice per customer could increase by 20% with a self-ordering system like this. Don't miss out!

A bar, restaurant and bowling alley in one facility could mean 3 different providers for multiple services. One major benefit is centralizing them all into one management software solution. You reduce your administration fees and need to call only one provider if there is an issue with your software, computer equipment, kiosk, POS terminal, ATM or more.