Match your online offers with your inventory

Rest assured that the medium-size dress is not displayed in your online shop when it's on back order or even if it reaches a minimum quantity. You can synchronize your POS software with your inventory (bi-directional) and add rules for just-in-time supply management.

The same goes for grocery stores or furniture chains offering online ordering and delivery. Supplies aren't always the same from one store to another. Avoid disappointments by showing in real-time only what customers can actually order.


Give better recommendations to customers

Customers in a furniture store often rely on staff members for questions like, "Do you have this specific mattress?" or "Which sofa would go best with this painting?"

Instead of having to remember where everything is or run through the store looking for the desired item, your employees could simply use a self-service tablet or kiosk to display all your products.

They could show various design options and colours on the app, including prices and location. They would also be sure there are still 5 of them in the back store thanks to inventory synchronization. This is a whole new experience for the customers and a great way to suggest related products.

It's also proven that such a system increases the average invoice per customer.