Stay healthy, the autonomous robot for disinfection is coming!

Stay healthy, the autonomous robot for disinfection is coming!

Thanks to its UV ray system, the robot that moves on its own disinfects 99.99% of the surfaces when you need it, allowing your employees to perform other essential tasks while reducing the risk of spreading bacteria. The robot can also take the elevator and recharge itself. Ideal for:

Hospitals · Hotels · Waiting rooms · Corridors · And more!

I improve your customers' experience

The better your customers’ experience, the more likely they will come back.

I help you be more efficient

Sir Steward helps you serve more customers in less time, thus increasing your profitability.

I support your staff

I do physical tasks, I take the orders, I help your staff in their daily tasks and I do the jobs you give me by myself.

Our collaborative mobile robots

All of our mobile robots are configurable and adapt to your environment and the tasks you entrust to them. They support your team and the many benefits of robots are stunning:

robot-module-de distribution-de-cafe

Our self-service ordering devices and software

Putting aside how ordering kiosks, self-serve checkout registers, applications and tablets could truly improve your business, here are more reasons why you should choose Sir Steward over his competitors:


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